To contribute actively to the sustainable development of the animal feed sector, by providing effective and optimal solutions to our partners. 


    Our  ambition is to become the partner of choice in the animal feed sector in the Indian Ocean and East African region, through inclusive development, thus promoting the use of raw materials produced in the region.


    We adhere to the ethical code of the Eclosia group

    We believe that the culture of the Eclosia group rests upon strong and fundamental values as follows

    • INTEGRITY forms the very basis of  our  values and represents a firm guarantee of the way we operate  to shareholders, staff, customers, suppliers and collectivities
    • DIGNITY knows no hierarchy and is the personal right of each individual
    • RESPECT for others and mutual recognition are essential elements in our relationships
    • Both the ability to LISTEN and mutual UNDERSTANDING are sources of enrichment as they teach us the value of diversity
    • PROFESSIONALISMCREATIVITY AND INNOVATION guarantee growth  and  sustainability
    • EQUITY is a guarantee of social justice and freedom
    • LOYALTY ensure continuity in our relationships
    • QUALITY of our services, products and relationships, stimulates  growth and progress