About us

Our Know-how, experience, and proximity are the driving forces behind all our success.  With a potential annual production of 200,000 tons (Mt), our overriding preoccupation is to provide our customers with the support and the nutritional solutions they require.  Present in the Indian Ocean region and East Africa since 1977, we can pride ourselves today on being a major feed provider.  We also ensure the unloading and storage of bulk commodities of more than 150,000 tons (Mt) of maize, soya meal or wheat annually, with the capacity to accommodate over 40,000 tons (Mt) of bulk commodities, guaranteeing an optimum stock of raw materials.

Our specialized business units

LFL Pailles

LFL Pailles (Mauritius), the backbone of the LFL Group. With more than 40 years of experience in the feed industry, it has a high-performance automated production plant. With dedicated diversified lines for poultry, ruminant, pig and horse feed amongst others. LFL Pailles supplies annually 110,000 tons (Mt) of complete and/or concentrate feed to the local and regional markets.

LFL Riche Terre

LFL Aqua & Extrusion Division Riche-Terre (Mauritius) inaugurated in January 2007,  is specialised in the production of aquaculture and pets feeds. This business unit is essentially geared towards export. It is emblematic of LFL’s striving for excellence, innovation and quality leadership in emerging industries such as aquaculture and pet food production.

Les Pondeuses Reunies Ltee

Through its wide Range of services, LPR supports the small egg producers in developing their businesses. Regular visits of Starponte Technical team allow the mastery of technical tools.  The application of the Cahier des Charges Starponte ensures a high sanitary level on the farms. Only then is the STARPONTE certification (based on EU Standards of Good Practices & endorsed by AFNOR) issued to compliant farmers.

LFL Madagascar

LFL Madagascar, with two delocalized plants in Andakana near Antananarivo, Tamatave, plays a strategic role in Madagascar by ensuring the supply of livestock feed to the local market through Farmshop. LFL is also actively engaged in promoting local production of raw materials such as maize.  

Mahe Distributors Ltd - Seychelles

Working closely with farmers, MDL provides quality feeds and technical support to the local farming community of the Seychelles. MDL accompanies local entrepreneurs in their development, promoting self-sufficiency and food security to the country.

LFL Rwanda

LFL Rwanda a new plant with a production capacity of 10,000 tons based at Bugesera, Rwanda, since July 2021; plays an important role in the country’s breeding sector, by supplying livestock feed to the Rwandan market and neighbourhoods. Supporting the agricultural sector of the country, LFL Rwanda buys its raw material from local producers.