• Testimonials

    Jean-François Montagne Longue


    "For more than 40 years, I have looked after the good functioning of LFL’s machineries, through active preventive and curative maintenance."

  • Testimonials

    Jean-Luc Margueritte


    "My  job is to ensure an efficient and quick delivery, but my every day’s strive, is to make the customer’s experience, better."

  • Testimonials

    Nooshreen Kausmally

    "Committed to meet both customer and business expectations, my aim is to ensure the best quality feed at an optimised cost."

  • Testimonials

    Jonathan Mardi

    "My focus is  to use LFL resources most efficiently to provide the best quality feeds to customers."

Work with us
We do not see ourselves only as feed producers, but also as the partners of farmers and breeders, supplying the best quality feeds and thus promoting the health and well-being of the population.

Join us and contribute to the cause!

Opportunities for all
LFL is an equal opportunities employer. Our inclusive and non-discrimination business policy provides for the employment of the best candidate. 

Applicants with disabilities
We will try our best to find competitive positions for you.

Young unemployed graduates
We are keen to provide you with valuable industrial experience to enhance your employability.

Qualified and experienced professionals
Whatever your expertise, we want to hear from you.

Medium-skilled applicants or employees seeking better opportunities
A career with LFL will enhance your prospects considerably.

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